The Four Best Types of Men’s Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

If you’re a male who is beyond frustrated because you are dealing with thinning hair or a receding hairline, then you will probably want to know what type of hairstyle is going to be best for you. Then this article should help you along your way.

Every male will experience some sort of hair loss within their life, so understanding what hair cut could better suit you hair thinning or hair loss problem will help in the long run. By the age of thirty-five, two- thirds of Australian men will experience some degree of noticeable hair loss and by age fifty approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair. The most common cause of hair loss within men is Androgenic Alopecia or common male pattern baldness (MPB). This accounts for more than 95% of hair loss in men.

Since it is such a prevalent problem, here are some tips on how to style your hair when it is thinning.

Where is your hair thinning the most?

As your hair begins to thin certain hairstyles just don’t look quite as good as they used to.  So you need to be aware of where your hair is thinning the most. We have categorized this thinning in 4 broad types:

  1. Frontal Hair thinning (but not receding)
  2. Receding hair line – hairline moves back,
  3. General thinning – general loss of hair density all over the top your head
  4. Bald Patch – you get a balding patch at the back (or crown of your head, also known as the vertex)

Choose a Hair Loss-Friendly Hairstyle

Now that you are aware of different types of hair loss, it’s important take this knowledge and choose a style that matches your hair thinning areas.

Not all hairstyles are equal, some cuts can emphasise your thin or bald patches and make your hair loss obvious. While other hairstyles discretely hide the fact that you might thinning or losing your hair.

General Tips on Choosing a hair style for men with thin hair

There are a few rules of thumb for you when choosing a haircut though, that can deflect attention away from thinning hair, such as –

  • Taking the sides shorter
  • Going for messier hairstyles versus slicked sharp haircuts
  • Growing a beard or stubble
  • Using matte finish styling products
  • Using hair thickening and hair loss concealing products

These all work as diversionary tactics that showcase other areas of the hair or face, and add the impression of more hair on the head.  If you want to explore this further take a look at our blog post where we offer 8 tips and trick on how to thicken hair for men.

While DNA has the biggest impact on how thick or thin your hair is, you should also try to make the most of the hair that you do have left by using products to make your hair look thicker and hair loss treatments to prevent hair loss and living an all round healthier lifestyle.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to manage your hairstyle as your hair starts to recede and thin. Below, we’ve listed our top tips and recommendations for managing your hairstyle as your hair thins and recedes. We’ve also listed a few simple prevention tips to help you stop your hair loss and avoid going from balding to bald.

Before we get into our hairstyle recommendations for men with thinning hair, let’s cover the one rule of styling your hair for hair loss: never resort to a comb over.

Sure, it “hides” your baldness — at least in the sense that it covers up visible patches of thinning hair. However, it does attract more attention to your thinning hair than a normal haircut would. Or, simply shaving it all off.

With this warning out of the way, let’s look at some of the best hairstyles for men with thinning or receding hair.

Best Men’s Hairstyles for Receding Hairlines and Frontal Hair Loss.

Buzz Cut / Crew Cut Haircut For Thin Hair

If you’re fed up of trying to style your thinning hair, and you’re brave enough, then the best thing for you to do might be to just clipper it off.  You don’t need to shave it off, instead, go for a short fade (anywhere from skin to a #2) on the back and sides.  If you are wanting to have a more modern look rather than a military look, leave a little extra length on top for a modern version on the buzz cut.

The upside of the buzz cut is that It’s easy to style and even easier to manage, a buzz cut is a perfect option if you have thinning hair. Because your hair is short and your skin is visible, thin patches on your scalp don’t stand out as much as they would with a longer haircut.

A buzz cut is also a good way to deal with a receding hairline, since it makes the entire hairline less obvious by reducing the level of contrast between your forehead and your hair. This is because it reduces the level of contrast between your temples and the sides of your head, with the shorter, thinner sides creating the illusion of a more even hairline.  If you think your hair is too thin to do this, think again!  Just sprinkle some Biothik Hair Fibres into your hair and you’ll nicely surprised how much thicker your hair will look. Take a look at some of the examples in our gallery!

Just because this is a low-maintenance cut it doesn’t mean that you should ignore your hair completely though, you can do many things to make your hair look thicker cosmetically and also prevent further hair loss and even regrow some hair.  There is no need to sign off on your hair forever.  Give it the best chance of maintaining it’s current level of thickness.

High And Tight Haircut For Thin Hair

When you’re suffering from thinning hair, it is massively important to keep things stylish and not let your haircuts slip. We see this option as one of the most perfect haircuts for men with thinning hair, because it is one of the most stylish options, regardless of your hair thickness.

If you get your back and sides done high and tight and then keep your top long, you are benefiting from a combination of one of the most stylish haircuts this year while keeping yourself looking great, regardless of your thinning hair.

This is a great choice for someone with a receding hairline or front thinning. This is because you are able to keep things long on top and then push it forward to cover any of the areas that have thinned out massively. We would also recommend that if your hair is thinning towards the front then texture is going to be even more important for you to give it a messier look.  A messier look makes your hair look thicker especially when combined with a matte styling product and Biothik Hair fibres to instantly make the hair look thicker, hide hair loss and your visible scalp.  So, make sure to get your barber to add texture throughout.

However, due to the nature of the hairstyle, it is probably not one of the greatest options for men with a thinning crown or bald patch.

Texturised Haircut For Thin Frontal Hair


The worst thing that you can do with thinning hair is look towards smart, slick styles for your hairstyle of choice.  This is where textured haircuts come in, otherwise known as the messy look.

The messy look is one that can be pulled off by anyone with thinning hair. Popular among models and celebrities alike, the messy haircut has the unique ability to be able to combine style with confidence.

Textured hairstyles are great for making the hair look intentionally less structured and messier. By virtue of the hair being a variety of different lengths (this is what we mean by textured) and the hair is going multiple directions, it’s harder to tell that your hair is thinning than it would be if it was in an obvious slicked shape.  Textured hair styles are great with matte hair styling products and cosmetic hair thickening products.

The key with this haircut is to get something that isn’t too rigid. You’ll want to be able to move things around as you please, and that quite often involves growing it out a bit. Once it’s been long enough, you can style it how you please, and that’ll allow you to cover many different areas of your thinning head. When you compare this to other haircuts, it’s quite clear how much of a difference this makes. A quiff, for example, only can be styled that way, but this is different

With a messy style, you can just scruff up the front and the top of the hair and get a look that everyone loves. Pair with slighter shorter sides to compliment the haircut nicely; think people like Ryan Gosling and Daniel Craig. Ask your barber to add texture throughout, but make sure to avoid thinning scissors at all costs; the last thing you want is for your hair to be thinned out even more!

We like this look for it’s universal benefit for men with thinning hair, almost anyone can use it.  We think it works best for men with thinning frontal hair, but it can also work very well for thinning crown.  Having said that, you will be able to hide a receding hairline or general frontal thin hair with a style that’s messy.

Best Mens Hairstyle for a Receding Hairline

Spiked up look for receding hair

spiky hairstyle for men with receding hairline example Bono U2

If you have thin hair and a receding hairline, you’ve just met your new best friend. This style, as sported here by U2’s Bono, is an excellent look that uses the receding hairline to its advantage. The brushed up style adds volume in the right places, and the slightly unkempt hair adds presence. You don’t need to despise your hairline any longer!

We feel that this style is best suited to a receding hairline because the hairline adds to the look and it signals that you are feeling confident about your hair.  It’ll all seem like it’s part of the act, and that’s the aim. It’s all about looking confident because when you do, you usually feel confident.  If you think your hair is too thin at the front to try this hairstyle because you can your scalp, we’d recommend you try our hair thickening product Biothik.  It’s has the effect of adding hundreds of new strands of hair into the thinning area.  It will make your hair look thicker and hide your scalp, making your hair look up to 200% thicker in an instant.

Faux hawk hairstyle for thin hair

Faux Hawk short and spiky for thin hair men 

This faux hawk style is really another variation of the spiked and textured look.  It maintains the textured look, except that the hair is spiked into the centre and is just a bit chaotic.

It’s perfectly suited for the adventurous and those that have general thinning through the top. In this cut, the thin hair is styled upward and tapered to a point in the style of a Mohawk, without shaving the sides – hence the name ‘faux hawk’.  A Mohawk that isn’t really a Mohawk. The natural layering that occurs when styling the hair into a faux hawk is great for thin hair as it make the hair look thicker.  By each hair layering upon the next it hides the scalp better than the spiky look.  If your hairline has receded at the temples you are also able to brush the hair forward in this region to to make your hairline look lower. A short Taper Fade on the sides adds to the hair’s presence, making this an all-around winner for men who want thicker looking hair.

Hairstyles for men with General Thinning

The Mop Top or the Fringe hair style of thinning hair

Mop Top hairstyle for men with thin hair

Not a fan of short hair? A classic mop top haircut is a good option for making thinning hair less obvious. Brush it forward or across your forehead and it can also hide a receding hairline with a less obvious look than a comb over. The longer hair enables you to blow dry it to give additional fullness and have more control over the shape and positioning of the hair – you can cover those troublesome thin areas more easily.

One of the nice aspects of a mop top is you can adjust its length to match your tastes, from a classic Beatles-style haircut to something messier and easier to manage.

The fringe is one of the most popular and growing hairstyles across the United States and Europe, and that is why we just had to include it on this list. Thanks to the growing popularity, it is now one of the best choices that we can think of for thinning hair.

Not only will it help with your own insecurities and perceived flaws, but you will also be getting a hairstyle that many see as looking great. A neat trick to make this hair look as thick as possible is to use our hair building fibres. This is an innovative hair product specifically designed to instantly make your hair look thicker, even if you have significant hair thinning and a lot of scalp showing.

This is one of the most perfect styles for men with a general thinning. This is because the fringe obviously gets pushed forward towards the forehead. If you think about how a quiff goes up and reveals the full hairline, the fringe does the opposite and therefore hides it from sight.

Best Hairstyle for thinning hair on the crown – the bald patch

The Slick Back

slick back style for men with thin hair in crown back of head

While a slick back haircut won’t hide your receding hairline it will do wonders to cover a bald patch on the crown of your head.  A slick back haircut is exactly what it sounds like — short sides, with slicked back hair on the top of your head that covers your crown.

This is the style of choice for many who have a thin crown but still substantial hair at the front of their head.

The Swept Back Hairstyle For Thin Hair

Swept back hairstyle for men with thin hair

You might wonder what is the difference between these two styles?  It’s a good question.  The key difference is the hair product used and how closely the hair sits to the head.  The slick back will use wet look styling products and is styled close to the head (think NYC stock broker look). The Swept back hairstyle is one where you use blow dry the hair to give volume and then use a matte product or light hair spray to keep the hair in place.  Think dry look and volume.

If your hair is thinning in the crown area then this style might be the one for you.  It’s a great diversionary tactic by taking attention away from the thinning back and put focus on the front of the hair.  And, more importantly the hair that is swept back will cover over the balding patch on your crown.  It conceals any hair loss or thinning that you might have in that area. It’s a perfect hairstyle for men with hair loss or balding in the crown area.

Pompadour with Volume hairstyle for thin blonde hair men

To go for the swept back hairstyle ask your barber to leave plenty of length in the front and then take the hair gradually shorter going backwards towards the crown area. This will give you a little extra volume around the back whilst making your hair easier to style and also make your thinning crown much harder to notice.

The Man Bun hairstyle for thin hair in the crown area

Orlando Bloom man bun for men with thinning hair

The man-bun is one of the most controversial hairstyles of this generation.  You either love it or you hate it.  This is because it involves long-ish hair and a ponytail.  Ponytails for me have not always been met favorably in the eyes of some, but certainly they are more acceptable than the long and often scruffy look required as your hair becomes long enough to get into a ponytail or top-knot.

If you can get over the controversy and strange looks during the growth process, you can actually get a style that’s perfect for your needs.

Even though it seems like there wouldn’t be, there are plenty of celebrities that you can look up to with man buns. One key example would have to be David Beckham. Even though he’s had plenty of questionable hairstyles over the years, his man-bun has been one that has survived, and now plenty of men wear them worldwide.

If you’ve got middle or crown thinning or balding, then we would genuinely suggest a man-bun for you. The lengthier hair will provide you with more to hide the thinning, and at the same time, once it’s all pinned back into a man-bun, you will have no problems hiding it all.

On the other hand, if you’ve got front thinning or a receded hairline, we recommend that you stay away from a man-bun. That’s because you will just be pulling at it more and more which can cause further hair loss called Traction Alopecia. This is hair loss caused by putting constant tension on the hair. In this case, from tying the hair up into a top knot or ponytail.

How To Style Your Hair When Thinning

We have already covered a number of Styling your hair when thinning is going to be about messing the hair up and not getting too much structure or style to the hair. By not having a clear direction it should deflect from the fact that your hair is thinning in certain areas.

Ultimately though if you’re confident in the hairstyle you have then you should go for whatever you want. If you want to wear your hair slicked then do it, if you want to rock a certain hairstyle then go for it. As long as you’re happy and confident in it then that’s all that matters.

Use Styling Products to Give the Appearance of Thicker Hair

hair spray for thin hair

While styling products like mousse and hairspray won’t actually make your hair thicker, they can give the illusion of thicker hair by adding volume, letting you cover up thin patches and give your hair a more uniform, healthy look.

Our main rule when it comes to styling product is to avoid waxes and hair gels, both of which are notorious for making patches of thin hair look flatter, thinner and more obvious.

Instead, use a light mousse to style your hair. Unlike gel and wax, mousse adds volume to your hair and makes it look thicker, especially when you apply it properly by wetting your hair first and blow drying it after.

Often when your hair thins it becomes notoriously difficult to style due to the hair strands themselves becoming thinner and finer. This means they do not have the same structure they once had to hold a style.  To overcome this we recommend using a strong hair spray such as our hair fibre locking mist.  With only a few squirts it will hold your hair in place all day long.

If you have large patches of thin hair, you can also use hair fiber products like Biothik to cover up bald spots and make them less obvious.  Check out our gallery and testimonials page to see the results. These fibers are made using keratin protein  – the same kind of protein your hair is made from – and designed to bond to your hair temporarily for a thicker look.  It’s like adding more hair into your own hair.  It produces powerfully positive cosmetic effect to look at and gives a powerful confidence boost to your life.

Prevent Further Hair Loss Using hair loss treatments

When it comes to hair, it’s much easier to keep what you’ve got than it is to regain hair through a hair transplant or other surgical procedures. Because of this, the best way to manage your hairstyle if you’re balding is to preserve and protect the hair you still have.

There have been a number of natural products that have come onto the market in recent years that have scientific basis for hair loss prevention and hair regrowth.  We recommend two types of products for this:

  1.  Biothik Stem Cell Factors – scientific tests have shown that this natural hair growth product keeps your hair in the growth phase for longer and prevent the aging of the hair follicle.  It works with your body’s own growth factors to stimulate growth in the follicle.

2.  Laser Hair therapy devices – several clinical studies have shown that on average men regrew 21.5 new hairs per square centimeter after 26 weeks of treatment.  93% of people who used the laser experienced hair regrowth and 78% saw hair loss stop during the duration of the study.  These are truly remarkable results. For more information check out our article by a Harvard professor who has spent a lifetime researching in this area.

For better or worse, once your hair is gone, it’s usually gone for good. If you’ve noticed your hair starting to thin out, it’s better to start using these products and other hair loss prevention products sooner rather than later.

Happy Hair Styling!

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