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The Science Behind Our #1 Selling Hair Thickening Product

In recent years, the cosmetic industry has successfully managed to look into the science of electrostatic charge and harnessed this power in formulating and advancing a revolutionary product for waning hair. The result from years of research can now be found in each and every bottle of BioThik Hair Building Fibers. The working principle behind the hair building fiber technology lies in the keratin strands and its inherent electrostatic charge. Untreated human hair has a strong negatively charged surface while keratin fibers are positively charged. Science tells us that a positively charged particle will attract a negatively charged particle. Remember your childhood school experiments on magnets and magnetism? It works pretty much the same way, too. Hair building fibers, which are positively charged, will naturally intertwine to your existing, living (negatively charged) hair, immediately upon application. And voila, you have just added great volume to your hair that will stay that way until your next shower. These hair building fibers are charged most significantly while it is shaken up, right in the bottle and dispensed thereafter. The keratin fiber is the same keratin protein found in human hair which serves as its primary building block. Hence, the use of our product will give you nothing less than natural-looking hair, every single time.

Why This Hair Loss Concealing Product Matters?

We consider our hair as our crowning glory. Both men and women of all ages, social standing, profession, and ethnicity, etc, see their hair as part of their overall persona. It is an extension of how they see themselves as an individual. The fuller the volume of hair we have on our head, the greater confidence we feel about ourselves. Women, in particular, feel this way. They know for a fact that much of their physical appearance will depend upon how vibrant looking their hair is. But unfortunately, due to many reasons, despite proper care and maintenance our full-bodied hair will not remain that way forever. There will come a time that it will become dull, its volume will become thinner, and its body, gone. If your hair is waning out, and you just can’t come to terms with its appearance — we can provide you with an instant, cost effective and practical solution.

BioThik Hair Building Fibers. For you!

has slackened, our product that offers hair building fibers, will help. This is a non-invasive, time-saving product — a practical and cheaper way of restoring your hair density fast. Get back to your old, confident self again with hair building fibers. Each bottle gives you a chance to walk with your head high and feel confident again, because it gives you natural-looking hair. We highly recommended this to people who are always on the go, to those who want to look presentable, to those who want to look better and younger by having more hair volume. Both men and women can use our product and enjoy all the benefits. Biothik Hair Products Director Andrew Wilson has prepared a video presentation to show you how to apply Biothik Hair Building fiber to your hair. This detailed video presentation below will show you how easy it is to have a fuller volume of hair again just by using our hair building fibers.
Biothik Hair Building Fibers is the instant solution everyone is looking for. It will help bring back your self-confidence again, even if you are not suffering from hair thinning and hair loss – we are encouraging you to try this life-changing product if you want to further enhance your day to day look.

The Right Way to Apply BioThik Hair Fibers

Step 1: Wash Your Hair Thoroughly

The first cardinal rule to follow before applying a Biothik hair building product is to wash your hair first, thoroughly. For the best results, we highly recommend that you use our Biothik shampoo and conditioner.

Clean and dry hair is a must before application. A fully washed hair will optimize its static electricity, allowing the product’s keratin fibers to strongly intertwine to your individual, live hair strands.

Step 2: Style Your Hair as Usual

Comb and fix your hair to your preferred style before applying the product. You need to focus on the thinning areas and even it out on the affected area until your scalp is not visible anymore.

For best results, hold the bottle at least 2-3 inches away from your scalp and then apply. While applying the product, you will witness how the keratin fibers will work their magic on your hair by binding themselves instantly to each of your existing live hair strands. Use your fingertips if you want to have an even distribution of the product to your head.

Step 3: Apply BioTHIK™ Fibre Locking Mist

If your hair is fresh right from the shower but completely dry, style accordingly and apply the product. Apply the hair fibers, gradually, until you achieve the desired look you want to have.

While the product itself will stay on your head on its own by virtue of electrostatic charge, applying BioTHIK™ Fibre Locking Mist will further intensify its hold and will keep you protected against strong winds and sweat, all day long.

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Natural ingredients

BioTHIK is made up of natural, organic keratin protein, this is the same kind of protein your hair is constructed from.


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