A Scientific Comparison of Hair Fibres: Biothik vs Toppik vs Nanogen vs X-Fusion vs Super Million Hair Fibers

Hair thickening products have rapidly grown in popularity and there has been a lot of noise in this space regarding which one is the best and most effective.

This is the first article (we know of) that actually takes a scientific approach to find out which is the best hair thickening fibre product on the market.

We examine the five leading hair fibre brands on the market today.  How well do they stack up against each other?  Which hair fibres should you be purchasing?  Most importantly, which one will give you thick full hair you desire?

Keep reading and take a closer look!

What is the Best Hair Thickening Fibre Product Available?

The demand for hair loss concealers has expanded dramatically over the past years, and so have the diverse products and brands that people can choose from. However, these products are all very different from each other in their performance – not all hair fibres are the same.  Each have their own set of properties and you are about to find out what makes them all different and what makes one better than another.

The search for the best hair fibre is now over. A recent scientific study compared the various qualities of five well-known hair fibre brands and this article is a summary of that research.

We don’t make untested claims, rather here are the tested facts, peer reviewed and published scientific facts.

In this article, we will explain to you the findings of the study and show an in-depth comparison between popular hair building fibre brands tested in the research which include BioTHIK, Super Million Hair (SMH), Nanogen, Toppik and XFusion.

The Research – the Science of Hair thickening fibres

 The study published in the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology International Journal set out to discover which hair fibre brand truly excels among the most popular.

The title of the is Electrostatic and Dielectric Measurements for Hair Building Fibers from DC to Microwave Frequencies. It was conducted by Dr. Kok Yeow You, a senior lecturer at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and Dr. Yi Lung, then of the Swinburne University of Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Computing & Science (Sarawak).  The researchers have handled series of scientific experiments that would reveal the qualities of each brands involved in the research. They used a Scanning Electronic Microscope at 100 and 1000-fold magnification to examine hair fibre density and distribution.

Scientific Properties of Hair Fibres Tested and Compared

  • Electrostatic Charge in hair Fibres – how strong the fibres bind to your own hair

 Result:  Best performer – Biothik (by a long way!)

This metric is the most important of all the other measurements as it answers the most common question

“Will hair fibres fall out of my hair?“

“Will it fall onto my clothes? “

“Will the fibres come out in a strong gust of wind?” 

How resistant are they to sweat, rain, wind?

The electrostatic charge determines how strongly the hair fibres bind onto your own growing hair.  The higher the charge, the stronger the bond and connection. The less likely they are to come out.

The researchers also tested the durability and longevity of the charge. 

It answers the questions:

“How strong is  the charge upon first application vs at the end of the day?”

“Which fibres are more likely to fall out during the day”.

You could say the stronger the bond, the greater your peace of mind.  You can be confident your hair will look thick and full all day.  You can also be confident that you hair will look the same at the end of the day compared to when you first applied the fibres in the morning.

Take a Closer Look at the Scientific Hair Fibre Comparison Results:

Let’s get a little more granular with the results.

1. Which hair fibre product has the greatest charge as received (no shaking the product to add charge to it)
  • Best performer – BioTHIK
  • Worst Performer – Toppik.  For example:  Biothik VS Toppik – Biothik had 400 – 700x more electrostatic charge vs Toppik on most metrics (see table below).
  • X-fusion was the second worst performer.
2. Durability and longevity of electrostatic charge
  • Best performer – BioTHIK
  • Worst Performers – Toppik and X-Fusion

The scientific results are shown in the table below.

Hair Fibre Electrostatic strength comparison table

Source: Electrostatic and Dielectric Measurements for Hair Building Fibers from DC to
Microwave Frequencies by K. Y. You, Y. L. Then.

Benefit to you: Confidence and peace of mind with Biothik hair fibres.

You can be confident that Biothik hair fibres will stay in your hair all day long.  This can’t be said for the other hair fibres that had significantly weaker electrostatic charge. In some cases the worst performer were 400 – 700x weaker charge.  They have some serious catching up to do!

  • Conductivity Test – creates most volume and hair loss concealing with least amount of product.

Result:  Best performer – Biothik.  

This test shows which fibre will create the greatest amount of volume and hair loss concealing with the least amount of product used.

The conductivity properties of the hair fibre contribute to whether the hair fibre will ‘stand’ perpendicular (at 90 degreees or upright) upon binding to your own growing hair.  The more perpendicular the fibre, the more volume create, the better it concealed hair loss and the less product was used. Conversely, if the fibre lays flat against your own growing hair the more product is used and the less volume created.

The researchers explain how this works:

 “every individual rod (hair) fiber can conduct opposite charge between both ends of the rod (or hair fibre). One end of the rod fiber can bind to the human hair whilst other end will be repelled from the human hair and produce the perpendicular arrangement”. 

Overall Results:

  • Best performer – Biothik.
  • Worst performer – Toppik and X-fusion (second worst)

Benefit to you:  BioTHIK gives you the thickest looking hair using the least amount of product.  Biothik offers the possibility of quickest and fastest application time because you use less product.  It also means you save money because each bottle will last longer.

You get more “bang for your buck” with Biothik.

Or, you get better looking hair more quickly and for less money with Biothik compared to other hair fibre brands.

BioTHIK is scientifically proven to give you the thickest looking hair with the least amount of product making it the most economical to use.  Thicker fuller hair with less product which means you spend less and save more!

  • Density Fibre Distribution Test – how well it covers areas of hair loss

Result:  Best performer – SMH.  Biothik ranked #2

Density distribution is a measurement of how easily the hair fibres will cover the area of thinning and balding. The closer the hair fibres sit next to each other determines quickly and how well they will cover a person’s thinning and balding area.   Biothik ranked number two, just behind  Super Million Hair (SMH).

  • Low Fracture Rates of the Hair Fibres Test

Result:  Best performer – BioTHIK

This metric compares how many of the hair fibre ‘rods’ break or fracture from their original construction.

The lower the fracture rate, the more natural the appearance. To determine this  researchers used a 100 – 1000x microscope.  To see how natural BioTHIK looks check out our gallery!

Overall Results:

  • Best Performer:  Biothik.
  • Worst Performer: X-Fusion.

What this means for you:  Biothik gives the most natural appearance in this metric.

Infographic: Quick Comparison of Major Hair Fibre Brands

Biothik vs Toppik vs Xfusion vs Nanogen vs Super Million Hair fibres

Here is a quick reference guide to compare hair thickening fibres

All this goes to show that BioTHIK is a product that not only delivers exceptional results, but also gives you better value for your money. It’s scientifically-proven to last longer and give you the appearance of naturally fuller, thicker hair with just a small amount. Moreover, the fibres have been proven to adhere to your natural hair even in rain, wind, or while sweating, meaning you can live your life without worrying about your luscious locks.

So, if you ever wonder which brand of hair-building fibre to choose, you can now rest easy knowing that BioTHIK has been scientifically-proven to be among the best. BioTHIK has been carefully engineered to be effective yet economical, giving you long-lasting, naturally thicker looking hair with just a little bit of product.

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