Important Questions to ask yourself about your hair loss

Hair loss isn’t something that we like to talk about to others and even to our own inner self.

However, denying the reality of its existence won’t help you or your hair. Rather, recognising it for what it is, reflecting upon how it is affecting us and then taking massive action to do something about it (if warranted). This is the healthy response to all potentially negative circumstances in our lives and we would encourage you to take a little time to reflect upon how your hair loss is affecting you today and how it might continue to affect you in the future.

Psychological Effects of Hair loss

Self reflection, self awareness and mindfulness are all wonderful traits and activities to engage in, and admittedly, in some areas of our lives it’s is easier to pursue those activities. For example, reflecting upon a person we love and the positive and healthy ways they make us feel is easy and enjoyable. Reflecting upon an unhealthy relationship with someone we love is much harder as we tend to live in denial about how we really feel or about how they make us feel – it is much harder to admit we feel manipulated, abused, neglected or just hurt. Thinking this way can make us feel like we are being ungrateful, ashamed or even betraying them. Interestingly, we can feel the same way when we are losing our hair. It is often easier to live in denial about something, hoping it will go away even though it is causing us deep emotional pain. Sometimes it’s so deep we don’t even want to face up to it as it hurts too much.

In our experience, the pain associated for hair loss in women is deep. It is also our experience that aside of all the bravado, the upset of hair loss in men is also deep.

Hair loss affects us in many ways that we are often not aware of until we spend a some time thinking about it, reflecting and being honest and vulnerable with ourselves. “Being vulnerable with myself?” I hear you say….. yes vulnerable! Sometimes we are our own worst enemy, some of us don’t feel safe with own self and our own thoughts, they can be awfully damaging, accusatory and discouraging.

We understand, sometimes it too painful to look directly into our own soul, but we also know that the ‘truth shall set you free’.

Through listening to our clients and counseling them, often people have a a sense that their hair is bothering them but they spend more time trying to squash those feelings and thoughts rather than being honest and vulnerable with themselves.

Let us guide your mind and heart for the next 3-5 minutes thinking about how much hair loss may be affecting you. We think you will find it very liberating. Don’t worry, there are no forms to fill out, or surveys to submit, this is an exercise for you, in the safety of your own space, mind and inner person.

Thinking about hair loss

Questions about your hair loss and treatment options:

Here are some important questions you need to ask yourself when deciding what to do about your hair loss.

Below we have categorised 9 areas of your life and listed one question with multiple answers to help you think through what you actually think about your situation.

Remember, there are no wrong or right answers. These answers are given to help you to uncover how you are really feeling about your hair. We know that once you understand your own mind, you will be able to make the right decision for yourself – whatever that is!

Questions to ask yourself about your hair loss:

1. Appearance – How is my appearance being affected?

• I’m looking better than ever, I am a god!
• I used to feel attractive, I don’t feel that anymore
• I am looking older than I used to because of my hair
• I have changed the clothes I wear because I feel older
• Shop assistants no longer take me to the younger, trendier clothing racks anymore
• I am looking less slim in my face because I have lost hair
• I am not happy with my appearance and it all stems back to my hair

2. Time – How much time do I spend thinking about my hair loss?

• Once a week or every day?
• Just when I look in the mirror, 15 mins, 30 mins a day or all the time?
• I check my hair in the mirror every time
• I go to the bathroom multiple times a day to check my hair
• I am relaxed about the hair fall I see on my clothes, or, I check my clothes incessantly because I see extra hair strands all the time
• I don’t even think about how much hair is in the shower or I count the number of hairs in the shower every
• How is my life being affected by my hair loss?

3. Relationships – Are my relationships suffering due to my hair loss

• It hasn’t affected the way I feel or behave in the slightest
• I prefer to stay at home rather than go out because I am conscious about my hair
• I don’t feel confident to meet new people anymore because due to my hair
• Every day feels like a bad hair day and it affects my confidence even among close friends
• I no longer contribute to conversations in a robust way so I don’t attract attention due to myself and my hair

4. Socially – How is my social life being affected?

• My social life couldn’t be better and I’m feeling great about it
• I don’t go out as much as I used to because of my hair, I don’t feel confident and attractive like I used to
• I say no to functions at venues where I can’t wear a hat
• I avoid going to places where there are bright lights, or, I make sure I walk in the shadows avoiding bright lights so people can’t see my scalp and thinning hair
• (if single) I feel less attractive I don’t know believe I could meet the person of my dreams looking like

5. Spiritually and Emotionally – Is my hair loss affecting my mental health

• I feel anxiety at the prospect of losing my hair
• I am scared and powerless about hair loss
• I am feel sad and I am grieving over my hair loss, but I don’t know what to do with these feelings
• I am feeling suicidal
• I am having unpleasant dreams about potentially being bald
• I am angry about losing my hair (this could be at yourself for letting it happen, your parents for bad genetics or even God or higher power for making you like this)

6. Professionally – How is my work being affected by my hair loss?

• I feel that it is making me look older and I might be overlooked for a promotion
• I am worried about younger people taking my job and my thoughts are directed to how good/ how thick their hair is
• I feel that I am losing sales because I am aware of people looking at my hair and I am self conscious about it.
• It affects my presentations because all I can think about is how my hair looks under bright lights rather than what I should be focusing on
• My co-workers tease me about my thinning hair and it bothers me

7. Results – How will my life be affected by a hair loss treatment

• How much will I enjoy having hair again?
• I would be relieved to have prevented or postponed future hair loss?
• I would be a much more confident person and it would change my life for the better exponentially.
• I wouldn’t feel judged by others anymore because my hair is looking better

8. Commitment – Am I willing to commit to a hair loss treatment

• I hate commitment and I know I would fail instantly
If it took less than 30 seconds per day I could manage that
• I would be happy to commit to using a product a three times a week for a few minutes each time
• I am prepared use some scalp products every day

9. Financial – am I willing to spend money on my hair and appearance?

• Unless it is free, you can forget it, I am not interested
• If it doesn’t cost too much I might do it
• I am prepared to be financially committed to my hair as long as I can afford it
• I will spend whatever it takes to have my hair back again

We hope that you have found this exercise helpful. We know it has helped thousands of other people just like yourself to work through the internal workings of our minds and hearts.

Hair loss treatment - take the next step

Final Question: Hair Loss Treatments – What next?

The final question is what shall you do next?
Do you need to take massive action? A small step in the right direction? Or, nothing? (and it’s OK to do nothing if that is what you want to do).

If you are looking for a few suggestions of what to do, here are our hot tips:

1. Hair loss Prevention:

If you want to prevent further hair loss and you want to try to regrow your hair, we suggest you look at the Hairmax 82 Laserband + the Folliplus Factors (stem cell serum) for hair growth. These have been tested and trialled and proven to be effective for hair loss prevention and hair regrowth.

2. Instantly Thicker Hair:

– look no further than the BioTHIK hair building fibres for the best cosmetic option available, they can make your hair look up to 250% thicker in 30 seconds. Truly, they are an amazing instant product. Check out the results here!

3. Get Support – Talk to someone about your hair loss

Sometimes the best thing to do is share your burden with a close friend or family member for moral support. Alternatively, you can contact us on 02-80914605 to speak with one of our hair loss specialists and they can let you know about the full suite of services and products we offer.

We hope you found this helpful, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

“The sooner you find a solution, the sooner you can stop worrying about it.”

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