Caboki Hair Loss Alternative Available in Australia!

If your hair loss is getting you down and you no longer feel comfortable with the hair you have then you’ve probably spend a fair bit of time investigating hair loss solutions and have therefore come across Caboki. Caboki is a hair loss solution made of natural, plant-based fibres (otherwise known as levant cotton) that bond instantly to natural strands of hair. Applying the Caboki fibres will create instant thickness and life back to thinning hair.

Products such as Caboki are a fantastic hair loss solution as they are instantaneous and dramatically reduce the appearance of thinning hair, without any expensive or invasive treatments. Fibres of this kind cling to the hair strands themselves rather than colouring the scalp, which can give a very artificial appearance.

Sounds almost too good to be true, right? Well it is important to note that fibres will not be the best option for those experiencing large amounts of hair loss as the fibres need natural hair to cling to. However, if you are experiencing minimal to moderate hair thinning then this could be the perfect option for you.

Caboki is an American product (or Chinese product, we can’t really be sure) which most Australians get hold of by ordering over the internet however Transitions Hair would like to let you know of a Caboki alternative that you can order from an Australian-owned local business. It is called BioTHIK, and shares the exciting features of Caboki, and from our experience is even better.

How does BioTHIK compare to Caboki?

Let’s explore the the similarities and differences between the two products.

Similarities:  Biothik is similar to Caboki in the following ways:

  1. Is made of natural ingredients
  2. Is safe for sensitive scalps
  3. Bonds to the hair for an instant, all natural look
  4. Is undetectable, even under bright lights
  5. Works for men and women

“BioTHIK Hair Fibres make my hair look at least 3x thicker in only 30 seconds! It’s helped restore my confidence, I feel like myself again. Thank you for introducing me to BioTHIK!”

Sonya, Sydney, age 32.  

Differences: Biothik is different to Caboki in the following ways:

There are a few significant differences between Biothik and Caboki.

  1. What is Caboki made from compared to Biothik?

    Caboki is made from a plant called Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum, otherwise known as cotton.  Biothik is made from a natural fibre called keratin.  You might have heard of keratin before.  Your own biological hair is made from it and it is used widely in many top quality hair products to help improve the quality of the hair. In both cases, the fibre particles have been coloured to suit each companies specific requirements.

  2. Natural appearance – How does it look in my hair?

    Your own hair is a made from keratin and so are Biothik fibres, not cotton, like Caboki.  In our experience and testing,  keratin fibres integrate and blend with your own hair better than other substances (cotton, synthetic fibres, other plant proteins) because they are made from the same kind of protein your hair is made from.  The result is it looks ‘hair like’, as you would expect from something that is made from the same protein.  We often hear this from our make up artists how similar Biothik looks to natural hair compared to other products they have used.

  3. Security – How well do the fibres bind to my hair?

    Biothik has undergone extensive lab testing against several other leading brands and it has found that it has the strongest electro-static charge on the market (more about this in a future blog post).  This means is that it will stay in your hair all day.  It won’t come out easily and fall onto your clothes or leave your hair looking thinner!  The tests showed Biothik had the strongest charge immediately after application and also throughout the day.  This means that your hair will look good all day!

    “I’ve tried a number of different hair loss concealers of the years and Biothik is by far the best.  I go running several times a week and I have never had a problem with them coming out, running down my face or ever looking out of place.  It’s remarkable!”

    Simone, Sydney, age 23. 

  4. Colours – How many colours does Caboki have compared to Biothik?

    The most popular colours when choosing a hair colour are black, dark brown, Medium brown and light brown. Very few people purchase blondes or grey colour.  In this respect, both products will have your colour in most circumstances.  In short, Biothik has 11 different colours, Caboki has 14 colours, a slightly larger range.  If you happen to be in between colours, you can always mix and match.  Apply the darker colour first and then sprinkle the lighter colour over the top.  It’s a great little trick!

  5. Free Demonstration – Can I see how well the product will work for me?

    Biothik has numerous salons in Australia and New Zealand that sell Biothik.  At the time of writing we were not aware of any salons offering this service for Caboki.  Contact any of our Biothik stockists for a free demonstration and get help with your colour choice.  Make sure to ring ahead of time to make a booking.

    Aside from supporting an Australian company, consider BioTHIK because at our Sydney Salon you can try BioTHIK and see its proven results for yourself! Click here to book in for a free appointment to try BioTHIK, or call us on 1300 427 778. Alternatively you can order BioTHIK online here.

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