How to make your thinning hair look thicker for events and parties

We hear this question all the time…..”How can I make my thinning hair look thicker for an event or party I am going to on the weekend?”

It’s a great question to ask! We all know that when you look good your feel good and great looking hair is the ‘icing on the cake’.  It instantly improves your confidence and allows you to feel like a better version of yourself. You only have one chance to make a first impression, so best to make it a good one, especially at  party or important event.

There are a number of way you can make your hair look thicker, here are three tried and true hair thickening solutions:

  • Use a Cosmetic Hair Thickener

    It doesn’t get any quicker or more simple than this. Biothik hair fibres are by far the easiest way to make your hair look thicker and fuller in a hurry. They certainly have a ‘wow’ factor. If you don’t believe it just go to our gallery and video page to take a closer look. Hair fibres are able to make each hair strand look thicker and prevent others see through your thinning hair to your scalp, even under the brightest lights.  They are widely used by Hollywood and TV make up artists in Australia and world wide to help their celebrities look like they have perfect hair every time.

  • Visit your hair stylist, barber or hairdresser for hair advice

    A good stylist and barber will be able to immediately help you in this department. Sometimes a simple change makes all the difference.  We would recommend avoiding a severe part, this will simply expose your thinning hair and show additional scalp (unless you are using Biothik Hair Fibres, of course!).  Be completely honest about what you are looking to achieve from your haircut – namely, to cover up and/or draw attention away from the fact that you have thinning hair – and they should be able to work out a style to suit you.

    For men, fade hairstyles are generally suitable for most face shapes, hair types and patterns of thinning, as well as being fashionable. These tend to be ‘short back and sides’ but fuller on top and this contrast instantly enhances any length on top.  Volume can be created with the use of styling products (see point 3).  We recommend avoiding a severe part, we know it’s trendy at the moment, but its a bad idea if you have thinning hair, it will simply expose more scalp.  In fact, avoid a part altogether by having a Pompadour style (all back) or simulating a part without creating one i.e. brushing it forward over the parting area, it’s amazing how well this works.

    For the ladies, we recommend using a zig zag part and some backcombing for extra volume.  It is a great way to disguise thinning hair.  Your hairdresser will be able to talk you through how to recreate the style at home and what type of products will work best (see point 3).

  • Use ‘dry look’ not ‘wet look’ styling products

    Wet look products are traditionally the realm of gels, bryll cream and oils.  Today there are a vast array of hair products to help you create that slick, ‘wet’ look, usually it will indicate on the side of the can or bottle how ‘shiny’ or ‘wet’ it makes the hair.  These products make your hair look thinner because they clump the hairs together exposing more scalp, creating a thinner look – even on the thickest heads of hair.

    Always use small amounts of lightweight products, ideally with dry textures where possible, you can always add more if required.  Too much product can be counter productive making your thinning hair look worse.  Similarly, try to avoid gels and styling creams as you don’t want to weigh the hair down and the more you put in it, decreasing volume and making the hair lie flat.  If you are finding it hard to maintain the volume in your hair with regular styling products we recommend using the Biothik Locking Mist.  This is an amazing product because of it’s holding power.  With a few gentle sprays it will add significant strength to even the weakest and frailest follicles adding body and volume.  It is one one of the key products to create thicker fuller hair.

  • Clean Hair – Use a hair loss shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t leave residue

    Clean shampooed hair gives an instant volume boost as it removes the oils and dirt that make your hair look limp by weighing it down and making it look thin – just like when you add too much product.  Frankly, nothing looks worse than greasy unclean hair.  Unfortunately, if your hair is thinning you might find that your scalp is producing extra sebum and oil which will make the hair look oily very quickly. Secondly, as you now have less hairs on your head, even if your sebum production has remained the same, there are less hairs to absorb the sebum.  This is where a specially formulated hair loss shampoo for an oily scalp  hair is recommended.  The best one that we know is our Scalp Cleansing Foam.

    The reason why we love our scalp cleanser and texture protector (conditioner) is how they leave the hair feeling – they are almost weightless!  Many shampoos can coat the hair with silicone making heavy and leaving it very limp and lifeless.  These are OK if you have strong hair, but not when your hair is in a weakened condition through the hair miniaturization process in female and male pattern baldness.

    Our Scalp Cleanser  (shampoo) and Texture protector  (conditioner) leave the hair feeling cleansed and very light so you can maximise volume and easily style the hair.    Your shampoo and conditioner are the building blocks of your styling regimen, so use the correct ones to give you a head start.

  • Use a blow dryer

    When all of these other options fail – use a blow dryer.  A blow dryer can help you create volume in your hair by re-setting the di-sulphide bonds in your hair with heat and coolness on your hair.  When styling use an appropriate brush to help create extra lift in your hair from the roots.  You might like to try a vent brush or a ceramic round brush, the former for men and the latter for women.  Correctly used, these tools will give you the lift your hair is looking for and the hair fibres will significantly add to the density you a looking for.


    In conclusion, we recommend that you view all of these ideas and tools as an ecosystem for your hair.  A way to holistically approach how you can make your hair look cosmetically thicker.  For example:

  • Use a light, low residue hair loss shampoo and conditioner to leave your hair feeling and looking clean and light.
  • Blow dry your hair to create volume and lift from the roots knowing the hair won’t sag because you used the correct shampoo and conditioner
  • Apply your light, dry look hair products to create the basic hair style of choice
  • Apply your Biothik Hair Fibres throughout the areas thinning to make your hair look instantly thicker.
  • Finally, use the Biothik Locking mist that is light and extremely strong to hold the hair fibres and your hair in place all day!We hope this information on cosmetic disguises helps you to find something that helps you feel more confident about your hair during the party season.

With Love,

Team Biothik Australia!

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