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15 Hair Hacks – How Women can get Thicker Hair in 2020.

“How can I make my hair look thicker?”  If this is one of your #hairgoals for 2020, you are not alone.  Thousands of women ask their stylist this question every day.  After working behind the chair for almost a quarter of a century I know this to be true. Women want thicker hair!

Studies show that over 40% of women experience hair thinning, but there are plenty more that have naturally thin, fine hair and they don’t know what to do about it.

15 Tips to have thicker hair in 2020 #hairgoals

There are so many reasons why people might have thinning hair or just not enough of it.  If you want to explore the causes of hair loss, check out this article.  Today, let’s look at 15 hair hacks (divided into 4 categories) to help you have thicker hair in 2020:

1. Reducing Hair Breakage equals thicker hair

Did you know that one of the main causes of hair loss is you?  I’m not being trite when I say this.  Unilever (you might be more familiar with their women’s hair and skin brand ‘Dove’) did a study a few years ago and they found that the leading cause of hair loss hair breakage caused by external damage such as straightening and blow drying your hair.

Prevention of hair loss is better than cure for thicker hair – for most people.

The key thought here is if you want to have thicker hair, take care of it and reduce hair breakage and you will be well on your way to enjoying thicker hair the way nature wants you to!  Less breakage equals more long full hair which makes your hair look thicker because it is thicker.

So, here are three tips to prevent hair breakage in 2020:

  1. Don’t use hair straighteners and hot tongs

    I admit this is probably too much of an ask in our day and age when the fashion of luxuriously straight smooth hair is King (or Queen).  The Dove study found that the main cause of hair breakage are hot styling tools.  If you can’t stop using them, because your look depends on it, try using them less often, or, use them more thoughtfully.

  2. Turn down the heat

    Did you know many of the old hair straighteners are set to over 200C!  This is way too hot and bad for the hair.  Some years ago GHD decreased the temperature on their straighteners to 185C from 220C because an Oxford professor found that 185C is the optimal temperature for creating curl with longevity. Higher heat doesn’t mean you will have better smoothness or curl. It might take a little longer to get the curls you want.  But it’s better to take a little extra time instead of breaking the hair off with unnecessary excess heat. If you have old hair tools, it might be time to trade it in for a new one.  Even better, get one with a temperature gauge.

  3. Learn how to use hot tools

    Incorrect use of hot tools can slice the hair in half like a hot knife through butter. There are so many examples on YouTube of would be ‘beauty vloggers’ ruining their own hair with a straightening or hot tong. Take a look at this famous viral video of a supposed hair blogger ruining her own hair in an instant.  Get your hair stylist to show you how to use them properly so you don’t damage your hair or with your hair on the floor like this girl.

  1. Use hot tools less often

    This will prevent dryness and the hair becoming prematurely brittle. This means, less chance of hair breakage.  Too often hair loss is caused by overuse of hot irons and over styling the hair.

  2. Use products that will protect your hair

    Use thermal heat styling products and products that will strengthen your hair. See the next major point for a revolutionary new shampoo that will strengthen your hair by 40.9%.

2. Thicken Your Hair by Using a Hair Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner

Prevent hair loss with a hair strengthening shampoos and conditioner combination, and one that works!  Bleaching, colouring, chemical and heat straightening all dramatically weakens your hair.  It makes it dry and brittle, as a result it easily snap off (ouch!).  With every hair that breaks off, the thinner your hair has become. We recommend a product that will make your hair over 40% stronger.

Biothik is proud to introduce to you our new Biothik Active Cleanser (shampoo) and Conditioner that is specially designed to strengthen your hair.  Studies show that the ingredients in our shampoo and conditioner will strengthen your hair by up to 40.9%.  It will make your hair look shinier, healthier and more luscious with the power of UV from the sun.

Yes, you did read that right, our shampoo and conditioner use the power of the sun to strengthen and protect your hair!

One of the key ingredients is alpha eleosteanic acid found in Mongongo.  This is a key ingredient in the conditioner and its success is its ability to polymerize when exposed to UV forming a protective layer on hair to create a smoother feel.

Another wonderful ingredient is called oligopeptides, it’s sourced from the Carob tree (it’s not just a chocolate substitute!).  These peptides contain an effective restorative property to actively treat damaged and weakened hair.  You will see your hair transform in the following ways:

  • increased tensile strength of the hair (up to 40.9%)
  • decreased hair breakage
  • improved elasticity
  • no more weak and dry hair (almost)

It repairs hair damage produced by mechanical, thermal and chemical processes. Its sustained release system allows it to remain on the hair all day long.

3. Boost your volume with a hair thickening powder

We use cosmetics for everything – why not use a hair thickening powder to make your hair look thick and full every day.  We recommend Biothik Hair Fibres, they have been scientifically tested to show they are best on the market according to two professors.

Biothik hair fibres replicate the look of the hair and integrate with your own hair seamlessly.  They are microscopic in size and have the qualities of a powder making it undetectable when applied to your hair.  It’s a fast and effective product to make your hair look instantly 150% thicker.

How do hair fibres work?  It’s like adding more hair into your own. The fibres are made from an all natural ingredient called Keratin, this is protein your hair is made from.  So when you add fibres to your hair, its like adding more hair in with your own. Imagine having more hair every day with a quick 30 second easy application.  Its so simple, you just sprinkle it on.  Now you can have more volume, more fullness and more thickness every day in less than a minute.  This is what Biothik can do for you!

A common question is “Are hair fibres wind and rain proof?”.  The answer is YES!  They are wind and rain resistant.  Tens of Thousands of people around the world attest to the proven qualities of Biothik to withstand the worst weather conditions.

The fibres are infused with an electro static charge that ‘magnetizes’ the fibres.  They bind to your own hair with this natural magnetism and stay durably connected all day long. The won’t come out until you wash your hair, just like any other hair product.

For those who are more security conscious we recommend purchasing the locking mist. This product ‘locks’ the fibres onto your own hair for double security.  It also acts as a powerful hair spray that adds volume to your hair that lasts all day.

This product is best for people with visible scalp, a widening part, or simply looking for a  boost in volume.

It is available in 11 colours for a perfect match to your own hair.  Buy Now!

4. Make your hair look thicker with a good haircut.

It’s amazing what a good haircut can do for you and a good stylist is essential.

Here are seven hair cut tips to make your hair look thicker.

  • Don’t grow your hair too long – long hair is heavy hair. Long hair drags your hair down, making it lie flat and lose it’s natural bounce and volume.
  • Layer your hair through the front and top of your head – the top of your head is where all of the volume is created. By layering your hair it makes your hair ‘lighter’ and will add a lot of height and fullness to your hair.
  • Texturize the hair – This is a process where the stylist will strategically cut short hairs into the style to help to lift up the other hairs, thus creating more volume and fullness. Please consult your stylist for best results.
  • Add highlights and lowlights – this is a cosmetic trick on the eye, the colour variation will make the hair look fuller than what it actually is.
  • Use light, but strong holding products at the roots to help give you root lift and more volume
  • Dry your hair upside down – simply bend over and blow dry the hair at the roots away from the scalp to give maximum root lift
  • Use a round brush at the roots to add volume – if you don’t want to dry your air upside down and you’re a handy with a brush, grab yourself a ceramic round brush. Over direct the hair at the roots where you want the most volume and see the amazing volume it can create.  Consider adding a little spray gel before to the roots before you dry it off for maximum volume.

If you have any other tips and tricks that you to make your hair look thicker in 2020, get in touch and let us know.  If you need to speak to someone about Biothik, get in touch ph: 1300 427 778.

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