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Hairmax Laserband 41

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I love the Hairmax Laserband 41.  It’s lightweight, fast, easy to use and effective!  My hair is looking better already!
Michelle K, NSW.
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Clinically Proven Hair Growth Laser Device.

Seven Clinical Trials showed many benefits:
  • Safe, fast and effective way to treat hair loss
  • 93% of clinical study participants experienced significant hair regrowth
  • 20.4 new additional hairs per/cm2 for women on average
  • 21.5 new additional hairs p/cm2 for men on average
  • 15% increase of hair in 15 weeks in 56% of cases
  • 54% increase in blood supply to scalp after only one session
  • 85% of patients experienced a stopping of further hair loss progression
  • Stronger, healthier hair
  • No negative side effects or discomfort discovered.
  • 2 year manfacturer warranty
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Hairmax Laserband 41

Clinically Proven Hair Growth Laser Device. FDA & TGA Cleared* for Men & Women.

Hairmax Laserband is the safe, fast and effective way to treat hairloss without drugs.

In seven clinical trials the Hairmax Laser was shown to regrow an average of 20.5 new hairs p/cm2 after 26 weeks.

Experience thicker, fuller looking hair in only 3 mins p/day, 3x p/wk.

New Comfortable Design Exclusive to Hairmax Laserband 41

The New FLEX-FIT LaserBand 41 is designed for speed, effectiveness, comfort and ease of use.

The LaserBand, delivers therapeutic light energy to your hair follicles through 41 medical-grade lasers (No LEDs). Working through the process of photobiostimulation (i.e. Light stimululating your follicles).  The LaserBand 41 stimulates hair follicles at a cellular level to promote:

  • Hair growth
  • Reverse hair thinning
  • Restore your hair’s natural growth cycle
  • Help regrow denser, fuller hair!

Laserband 41 FLEX-FIT band design

  • Adjusts to fit comfortably
  • Lightweight and portable, great for traveling
  • Cordless and with rechargeable batteries
  • Patented hair parting teeth separates your hair for a superior hair treatment
  • Ensures maximum laser light delivery to your follicles for treatment of hair loss and thinning hair.
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

Fast and Effective Hair Loss Treatment in 3 minutes

Treatment time: 3 minutes, 3x p/week.  Use Hairmax Laserband 41 every other day.

Experience new hair growth with increased density and fullness.  Buy today!


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