Three Ways to Conceal Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Millions of Men and women around the world experience hair loss often look for ways to reduce the appearance of bald patches or a receding hairline. This is no different in Australia, thousands of people are looking for good solutions to conceal their hair loss – the fact that you are reading this article is living proof! A global industry has sprung up to find scientific prevention methods and cure to help people with hair loss and create other cosmetic solutions to hide thinning hair. Today many multinational companies have turned their attention to finding hair loss solutions to help regrow their hair, or at very least keep their hair for longer. No one wants to look older than they actually are. In fact, everyone want to look younger and preventing the cosmetic effects of hair loss is the quickest way to look younger. There a numerous options available to help keep your hair for longer, improve the quality of your hair and keep it growing for longer. Biothik offers a number of these products with a good scientific basis. For those who are looking for an instant solution to conceal hair loss, here are three options – we highly rate the last two for natural appearance and effectiveness.   Masking lotion Similar to the solution used by Two And A Half Men star Jon Cryer, masking lotion is designed to tint the scalp so that it matches the user’s own hair colour. The lotion also helps thicken hair follicles to further boost the impression of a fuller head of hair. Each hair is coated with organic proteins, making each look up to 50% thicker. Because masking lotion adheres to existing hair to give the impression of volume, it is unsuitable for use by people who are totally bald or have extremely large bald patches. There have also been claims from some users that masking lotions wash off in the rain. Some also report issues with the lotion rubbing off on pillows, cushions and soft furnishings. Hair Thickening fibres Biothik Hair Fibres - Before and After - Men

“I can’t believe how easy Biothik Hair Fibres are to apply.  What is even more astounding is the results

– if I didn’t see it on my own head I would not believe it!”

~ Scott J, Sydney Australia

This particular solution is what Biothik is famous for.  The foundation of this option is electro-statically charged hair fibres that “stick” to the user’s hair. Biothik uses organic keratin fibres (beware of using cotton fibres, they don’t appear to bond to your hair as well).  These fibres are microscopic in size and are laser cut to precise dimensions. Under a microscope the hair fibres look like short strands of hair, when applied they give the immediate impression of a thick, lustrous head of hair. The electrostatic charge is extremely strong, so that the hair fibres fibers are not easily dislodged. Static electricity is impervious to rain so users of thickening fibres are unlikely to see their “hair” disappearing in a downpour. The only way to remove the fibres is by shampooing. Biothik hair fibres were put to the test under laboratory conditions and when compared to four other leading brands of keratin hair fibres it has the strongest ‘stick-ability’ to your own growing hair. A Swedish consumer review group also found that Biothik was a strong performer in strength of the electrostatic charge when wet. Applying thickening fibres is easy and shouldn’t take more than 60 seconds to apply. Of course, this is dependent upon a person’s skill level. The first time you use them, it will take longer than the 10th time you apply them. Practice makes perfect! Is there a down side? Users report that putting too much of the fibres on looks “fake”. This is because you see more of the fibres than your hair, much like makeup, less is best. As with masking lotion, thickening fibres rely on the user having a good amount of hair to which they can adhere. Fibres are unsuitable for people with larger bald spots or who have experienced significant hair loss. We recommend you try out our starter kit of Biothik hair fibres – it contains a three month supply of fibres and a locking mist to give the fibres . It will improved you hair and look instantly. Buy now! Modern toupees or Hair Systems Toupees in the past have been given an especially bad rap. In some cases, understandably so. Hairpieces have been around in various forms for millennia, they were even used in Ancient Egypt and famously by Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. Modern toupees or Hair systems as they are often called, are more realistic than their predecessors. In fact, today they are so good you would be hard pressed to know that a person is wearing one. They have the ability to recreate your frontal hairline in an extraordinarily natural way. Also with the new adhesive technology you can swim and surf with them and they won’t come off. The common comedic sketch of a guy driving a convertible car and his toupee coming off simply would not happen today, it probably has not happened anytime in the last 20 years. Sometimes called a ‘hair replacement systems’ or simply ‘hair systems’ for men, or crown extensions for women, toupees use human hair attached to a co-polymer membrane that is glued to the wearer’s scalp to give the impression of a full head of healthy hair. Wearing one of these toupees is simple and easy, staying in place for weeks or months at a time and is suitable for men and women regardless of the extent of their hair loss. There are some drawbacks to toupees, however. Perhaps most importantly, wearers will need to shave off their existing hair to ensure a good fit for the toupee. The toupee will also need to be refitted periodically throughout the year as hair regrows underneath, pushing the membrane away from the scalp. Alternatively you can take a DIY approach and shave your hair yourself and affix the hair system with specially designed tapes and adhesives. These can be reapplied every night or once a week. It really is up to you the wearer. The upside of hair systems is that they give you instantly give you the look you want, there is no delay and people report a surge in their confidence levels and how it positively affects the way they interact with others and others interact with them. If you are interested in a reputable list of hair system providers, please drop us an email and let us know where you live. We can send you a link to your nearest hair system studio.

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