Wedding Day Hair Happiness with Instant Hair thickening product – Success Stories

This week we had a young twenty-something couple visit us quite unexpectedly. They are getting married in a week. The future husband’s hair, shall we say, needed a LOT of help. Just take a look at the before photos above. What were his options:

  1. Hair System – he would have been an ideal client for a hair system, but he didn’t want to go through that process so close before the wedding – 7 days away!
  2. Hair Transplant – A hair transplant is no use at this late stage. Newly transplanted hair takes about nine months to grow in. It can grow in faster, perhaps five months, if you are using one of our Hairmax Lasers (FYI – they are great to help with hair regrowth in general if you have thinning hair of the heredity kind. More about that in another blog post).  However, that won’t meet his deadline. He needs something instant!
  3. Hair Fibres – an instant solution for an immediate need – it is his only option.

Suffice to say, he will look his best on his wedding day. He will to look younger, he will look his age. He will look like the young man that he is and marry his beautiful young fiancée. He has his hairline back, thicker hair, hair that you can style and create the trendy look that he wants.  All with a little help from Biothik.  It is the stuff of Hollywood legends (literally!).

How did we achieve this phenomenal result?  Read on.

How to transform Thin & Fine Hair to Thick & Full hair in 4 Easy steps.

Step 1: We blow dried his hair to give it lift and shape. We added some Coiffance texture glue because his hair was so fine it had very little natural lift and volume, even with a blow dry. I’m sure you know what I mean. The texture glue helped helped give his hair shape and strength, yet still mouldable and malleable so we could apply the hair fibres.  Don’t use waxes or overly ‘sticky’ or wet hair products.

Step 2:  Choose the colour – after taking a look at his hair, it was in between colours. His hair was too light for medium brown hair fibres and it was darker than the light brown fibres. So what do you do in this situation?

We chose the light brown fibres. It’s always better for the fibres to be a lighter shade than your hair as it doesn’t make the hair and scalp look too ‘heavy’. It keeps it looking natural.

Step 3: Application of the fibres.  We always like to start at the back, it’s easily forgotten, so best to start there. Also, if you work your way forward you are less likely to put too much on the front hairline.  The key to successful application of fibres is this – “less is more. Less is best”.  Don’t use too much, you want to see your hair, not the fibres.

As you shake the bottle and sprinkle the fibres into your hair, separate the hair with your fingers so that it goes to the roots and mid-lengths of your short hair. Pat any fibers sitting on top of the hair. Then get a towel and lightly remove any excess fibres on top.

Step 4:  Spray in the locking mist and style.

The locking mist evaporates quickly so you need to work quickly to make the final adjustments on your hair so it looks perfect. The texture glue in step 1 gives the hair basic shape.

The locking mist completes the job. It is super strong so it keeps your hair and the fibres in place and looking good all day!

Voila! Perfect, thicker, wedding ready hair!


How to get your hair thickening product.

Step 5:  We almost forgot…… to get your Biothik Hair fibres you can buy them online today, right now infact.  All you have to do head over to our shop.  You can choose from a variety of sizes and colours.  Go on, it will be the best thing you have done for your hair in a long time : ).  Buy today!

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