What is BioTHIK made of?2016-12-23T10:53:09+10:00

BioTHIK is made up of natural, organic keratin protein, the same thing that your hair is constructed from.

Can I mix different colors of BioTHIK?2016-12-23T10:53:17+10:00

Absolutely! Most people will find one of our 8 natural shades will suite them perfectly. The colours can be mixed directly on the head. It is best to apply the darker shade first followed by the lighter shade.

Can BioTHIK cover gray or root re-growth?2016-12-23T10:53:24+10:00

Yes! BioTHIK keeps your hair looking beautiful between colours and adds thickness at the same time. It is a great solotion to cover up your roots quickly and easily.

Can I use BioTHIK with a hairdryer/curling iron/flat iron2016-12-23T10:53:31+10:00

Yes, we recommend that you apply BioTHIK AFTER you style your hair. Think of it as the finishing touch to great hair.

Can I use BioTHIK with other styling products?2016-12-23T10:54:13+10:00

Yes. BioTHIK is a finishing product. Style your hair first how you like it, then add BioTHIK. Pat the Fibers into position and then apply the locking mist. In moments you will see your hair transform.

Do I need to use Hairspray?2016-12-23T10:54:24+10:00

The Fiber locking mist is specifically formulated to work with your BioTHIK fibers. Regular hairspray can be used, but may clump the product together, where as the Fiber Locking Mist will not. The locking mist will hold the fibers in place through rain, wind, and sweat.

What are the most popular colours?2016-12-23T10:54:31+10:00

The most popular colours are listed blow; most to least popular:

  • Medium Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Black
  • Dark Blonde
  • Auburn
  • Light Blonde
  • Gray
How long will a bottle of BioTHIK typically last?2016-12-23T10:54:37+10:00

On average a 25g bottle of BioTHIK will last you a minimum of 60 applications. For most people this equates to 2-3 months of use.

Can I use BioTHIK while taking medications?2016-12-23T10:54:42+10:00

Yes, it is an all natural, organic product and is designed to be safe with all medications. However, it is always best to consult your doctor if you are concerned.

Can I go swimming with BioTHIK?2016-12-23T10:54:47+10:00

Swimming will cause the fibers to come loose, just as showering will. It is not recommended to swim with the product in your hair.

Will BioTHIK clog my pores?2016-12-23T10:54:52+10:00

BioTHIK is an all natural organic product, made up of the same material as your own hair. Therefore it will not clog the pores.

Does BioTHIK work on ethnic hair?2016-12-23T10:55:08+10:00

Yes! BioTHIK is designed to work on all hair types.

How do I apply BioTHIK?2016-12-23T10:55:13+10:00

For information on how to apply BioTHIK (if you skipped it) jump back to the ‘How It Works’ page.

Does BioTHIK work for both men and women?2016-11-17T22:46:48+10:00

Yes, BioTHIK is ideal of both men and women who are experiencing thinning, or balding hair.

If I am bald can I use BioTHIK?2016-11-17T22:45:47+10:00

Due to the nature of the product, you must have existing hair in order for it to work. It is designed to statically cling to your existing hair, giving you the appearance of a full thick head of hair.

Does BioTHIK regrow hair?2016-11-17T22:45:10+10:00

No, BioTHIK does not regrow hair. It is designed to conceal balding and thinning areas and give you a thicker fuller head of hair. For more info on hair loss treatments and procedures click here: www.Transitionshair.com.au

How long can I go without shampooing/how long will the BioTHIK fibers stay in?2016-11-17T22:44:29+10:00

Without shampooing the fibers can stay in place up to a week, however they will shift over time, but can easily be touched up to reproduce the look you desire.

Will BioTHIK come off on my clothes/pillow/ect?2016-11-17T22:43:31+10:00

No, not under normal circumstances. BioTHIK fibers are formulated once applied to cling to your existing hair covering thinning and balding areas of the head. You will need shampoo to completely remove the product from your hair.

Can I apply BioTHIK to wet hair?2016-11-17T22:42:52+10:00

BioTHIK uses static electricity to cling to your hair, wet hair will make this nearly impossible causing the product to clump together. For best results always apply BioTHIK on dry hair. Wet hair reverses the static electricity that allows BioTHIK to add thickness to your hair.